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Quick, delicious, and reasonably priced. We chose the lunch special for $8.95 Bi Bim Bap, which is the same price as the regular menu option with with a cup of miso broth and drink.

The portions are hearty and staff is so nice! You have 10+ veggies to choose from, a few proteins, and some sauces. They mix it up and stir fry it in the back for about a minute and bam! I mean, Bap!

I will definitely return here to try out some other sauce combos. I opted for the spicy sauce mixed with teriyaki and it was awesome. I also had a taste of a sesame oil/teriyaki combo which might be my next endeavor.

Aliza B.


from Yelp listing.


Oh… you want more of a review of that. I’m not sure why, it’s all you really need to know.

9 dollars gets you a big bowl of rice or noodles, topped with fresh vegetables (including the vegetable of egg… look at the menu, and you’ll know what I’m talking about) then a choice of chicken, beef or tofu and topped with a simple sauce.

That’s bi bim bop at Pick n Mix.

It’s large, and at 9 bucks a great deal, put together with the world’s friendliest staff, incredibly quick. It is tasty. And to boot, the first time you go, they give you a free frozen yogurt (more tart than sweet, the way I prefer it).

The ONLY thing i would change would be if they could decorate. Its clean, but … sparse doesn’t cover their motif in the dining area. Its seriously a few tables, a wall of bar style seating, and that’s about it.

To be honest, the staff and food make up for it to such a degree, I only noticed when walking in, and didn’t give it a second thought until just now.

David M.

Somerville, MA

from Yelp listing.

Stopped by on my lunch break today. This place was not what I expected from the outside. I was surprised to discover a clean and minimalist interior; earth-tone flower decals on the left wall and peachy tiling allover.

The man at the front, “Won” or “One” was super friendly and an overall nice guy. He handed me a sample of their frozen yogurt and it tasted like Pinkberry. YUM! I ordered the lunch bibimbab special to go because it was too cold to stay there and eat.

Back at work, I raved about how great everything was between forkfuls of spicy, noodle, chicken and veggie bibimbab. I’m definitely coming back again. I’m so glad I tried this place.

Yoku U.